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    kenioThe professional flooring services

    KENIO provides high quality of flooring services as well as the technical counseling and consulting. The company deals with the sale of professional products related to flooring industry. We have the well-supplied store that offers all the materials needed for installation of an elegant, cosy and environmentally friendly floor. With the great experience of many years in the flooring industry, our company renders services based on the latest technologies and high quality materials provided by domestic and foreign producers.

    Our main activity is the full scale customer service that includes not only the selection of flooring solutions but also the professional realization of an order.


    Passion is the main component of our company’s success

    Łukasz Kenio, the founder of the brand, is a master carpenter. He has also
    been granted mastership in parquetry. Kenio has taken part in many professional competitions with very successful results. Despite the high level of competition, he got the top positions in the contests. As the owner of the carpentry apprenticeship certificate and the natural born perfectionist, Łukasz Kenio set up a trustworthy company with the main interest in the high quality of the provided services. His work is enriched with the elements of creativity and originality and that gives the company an advantage over its competitors.

    Company’s success derives from passion – KENIO proves these words. We have been operating on the market for several years and that is why we know how crucial the individual approach to clients is. We are also aware of the importance of the high standard of our services. Parkieciarz Wrocław equals the professional realization of an order.

    Our unique selling point

    In our work, we use the manual as well as creative abilities and skills to make up highly complex, elaborate projects. Even our wood mosaic is going to delight everyone.
    Together with the leading companies of the chemical industry, we organize trainings on parquet flooring works. Because the market still lacks well- qualified workers, we try to provide it with them. Constantly, we keep on improving our knowledge which we want to share with the others.

    Our company offers 100% warranty which can be acknowledged by references from hundreds of satisfied clients. We provide warranty servicing, post warranty servicing as well as technical counseling and consulting services.
    Our professional , top quality equipment along with well-qualified staff provide quick and perfect realization of different type of investments.
    The flooring services Wrocław – full scale well made.


    Chosen realisations

    Our strenghts

    • Experience
    • Qualified team
    • Coaching
    • Quality warranty