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    KENIO is a trade and servicing company which provides a wide range of services including counseling and consulting, materials and realization of orders. We offer only high quality materials necessary for making and installation of wooden floors. KENIO cooperates with the leading chemical companies as well as with the parquet floor producers

    In harmony with nature – wooden floors

    Among others, KENIO ‘s offer includes wooden parquets (lamel parquet floors, industry use parquet floors, exotic parquet floors, finished double parquet floors). The significant advantages of this material are its resistance, unique design and look as well as the fact that it is totally natural. Our parquets will help you to turn every place into a stylish interior while the wide range of colors and patterns will give you an opportunity to arrange and decorate the interiors

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    in various ways.

    Wood mosaic, especially palace mosaic, looks spectacular and is very decorative. Its installation requires the assistance of an experienced specialist (parkieciarz Wrocław) who will deal with laying different patterns and motifs. On the contrary, industry use mosaic will make you delighted with its severity and, most of all, with its resistance to deformation. Definitely, it will make the place look original. The variety of patterns will be suitable for both classical and modern interiors.

    Our offer also includes other flooring materials such as lamel parquet floors, marquetry elements, finished triple wood parquet floors. We would like to draw your attention to wood marquetry. This technique of appyling decorative patterns proves that parquetry is something more than just craft, it is craft and art. Clients looking for unique and inimitable floors will find it the best solution.

    Surface finish

    We provide wide selection of finishing materials such as various types of wood boards, scaleboards, unfinished and finished boards, wood skirting boards, quarter rounds, brass and aluminum profiles, camouflage boards. If you want to preserve and accentuate the beauty of wooden floors, our offer will provide you with wood care products such as OSMO oils and BONA oils. Varnishes for wood flooring, especially including BONA varnishes and Hartzlack varnishes, would also meet your requirements.

    Materials and tools for contractors

    Our company offers rollers, brushes, telescope sticks, varnishing and working suits, transport containers, leakers bucket, long floats for gluing, abrasive materials, renowned grinding machines (BONA), belt grinders, drum sanders, polishing machines, angular grinders.

    We render services which include:

    • floor reparation,
    • varnishing,
    • grounding,
    • oil application,
    • arrangement,
    • boarding,
    • grinding,
    • care,
    • floor renovation,
    • humidity and resistance tests